At the time the Apostolic Faith Mission unified last year, the
church found itself with two recognised colleges: The AFM
Theological College in Johannesburg, and the AFM Theological
Institute north of Pretoria, which had two satellite colleges,
Covenant College in Durban and Sarepta College in Cape Town.

These four colleges had originally been launched to meet the
training needs of Whites, Blacks, Indians and Coloureds
respectively. However, Covenant College has been effectively
non-racial for many years, while none of the others had racially
exclusive policies, the major limiting factor in Johannesburg and
Cape Town being the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction.

As of October last year the Curatorium has pronounced the
Colleges to be one, with the AFMTI from Pretoria eventually
joining the campus of the AFMTC in Johannesburg. The colleges in
Durban and Cape Town will operate as satellite campuses of the
main campus in Johannesburg.

The curriculum of the new College would appear (some interpret
the agreement differently) to be the current degree/diploma
composite offered by the Johannesburg campus in association with
the adjacent Rand Afrikaans University. The university already
has a large percentage of English-speaking students, and the
College is beginning to make provision for these as of this year.
It has been agreed that first year students registering in 1998
will all register for this degree/diploma composite, even at the
remote campuses. Covenant College is already gearing for the
change, while negotiations continue with Sarepta and Pretoria.

The AFMTC in Johannesburg had its intramural course recognised by
the RAU as BA (Theol) Hons. course, as of 1993. Students can also
take Masters and Doctors degrees of the RAU at the College. This
is not purely a 'recognition' agreement: the courses offered by
the AFMTC are the only Theology courses offered by RAU, and are
open to all applicants. The content of the courses has not been
adapted at all, so effectively one of the largest Universities in
SA is offering pentecostal theology as its theology course.

Dr. Mathew Clark