Christian Theology Discussions

Are you interested in discussions with Christians of different backgrounds and traditions, to explore similarities and differences, to discover what common ground there is (if any)? If so, there is are electronic conferences for such discussions, which is available on the FamilyNet BBS network, and also as an e-mail mailing list for those who don't have access to a BBS.

There are TWO different conferences - PHILOS and THEOLOGY. PHILOS is the more general conference. It is for discussing the differences between Christians in a spirit of brotherly love (and/or sisterly and/or siblingly, if you prefer). The discussions can include differences of doctrine, worship, faith, practice or worldview. The conference is intended primarily for*Christian* discussions, rather than interreligious ones. Non-Christians may participate, but should bear this in mind. The main rules are: no off-topic messages and NO FLAMING!

The theology conference is for discussing any aspect of Christian theology, from any point of view. It is somewhat more academic and abstract than PHILOS, and there can be more vigorous debate, and it deals more specifically with doctrine, and with other aspects of the Christian faith as they relate to doctrine. Like PHILOS, however, there should be no flaming - that is, no personal attacks on other participants.

If you are interested in joining it, here's how:


If you have an Internet e-mail address, you can join THEOLOGY as follows. If you want to join PHILOS, just substitute "philos" for "theology" wherever it occurs in the following instructions:

To SUBSCRIBE to the THEOLOGY conference you need to send an e-mail message to:

The body of the message must contain the following:


If you want to unsubscribe, send a message to

With the message:


To get a list of conferences, send a message to:

With the message:


More information is available on the web page


To SEND a messaage to the conference via the list

address the message to:


If you are within reasonable calling range of a FamilyNet BBS that carries the THEOLOGY conference, you can call the BBS to participate. This is a better way to participate, because BBS software allows you to address a message to a particular participant rather than the whole list. Others can still read or reply to it, but it makes it easier to see which messages are addressed to you.

If you think theology is too heavy for you, and would like something lightter, you could try the PHILOS conference, which is for discussion between Christians of different backgrounds and traditions in a spirit of brotherly love.

For a full list of conferences available on FamilyNet, see

For more information on BBSs and how they can be used, you can check the following Web pages:

If your nearest BBS does not belong to FamilyNet, ask the sysop to consider joining, and to check those Web pages, or contact me with more information on how to do so. If it belongs to FamilyNet but does not carry the THEOLOGY conference, ask the sysop to areafix to THEOLOGY_FMY.

If you have any difficulty in connecting, please mail Bob Hoffman, who maintains the list <>

If you have any questions about the conferences or joining them, please e-mail me at the address(es) below, or check the web pages.

Keep well.

Steve Hayes

Moderator of the THEOLOGY conference


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