NEW BOOK May 1996


Massimo Introvigne ASPETTANDO LA PENTECOSTE The Fourth Ecumenism

Pages 128 - Lire 12.000 ISBN 88-250-0676-4

Interview to Prof. Matteo Calisi and Pastor Giovanni Traettino


The book wants to define an aspect of the ecumenism in Italy (as a repercussion of what is succeding all over the world) which is increasing more and more: the deeper and deeeper dialogue and the closer and closer collaboration between some Pentecostal or Charismatic groups both Catholic and Evangelical (Protestant). The Prefaces, which have been edited by the Arcibishop of Foggia-Bovino Giuseppe Casale and by Prof. Paolo Ricca, Dean of the Waldesian Faculty in Rome, are followed by an Introduction edited by Prof. Massimo Introvigne who describes the walk of the Ecumenism, defining the historical background, the birth and the development of the different protestantisms and of the revival movement (Pentecostal or Charismatic), at first within the Evangelical Churches and then in the Catholic Church, in the world and in Italy. The New Ecumenism, based on the dialogue between the Charismatic people of the different churches, is expounded describing the concretes experiences of two representatives of this ecumenical dialogue, interviewed by the author; and not through historical-theological dissertations. A series of questions allows to focalize the aims, the ambits, the results and the problems too, the doubts and the difficulties of this "New Ecumenism".


The book addresses those who are interested in ecumenism, whether as topic of study and research, or (and above all) as engagement of life. The second theme of the work has the same value: the Charismatic or Pentecostal Movements, within the Catholic Church and other confessions, to understand an unknown aspect: the ecumenical dialogue that they support.


Massimo Introvigne, sociologist, is one of the most important experts about the new religious movements. Teacher at the university and Director of the Center for Studies on New Religions, (CESNUR) whose President is Arcibishop Giuseppe Casale, he is author of sixteen works and coordinator of ten works about contemporaneous religious sceneries. Matteo Calisi, Catholic, and Giovanni Traettino, Evangelic Pastor, are representatives of the Charismatic Movement in their own churches and of the ecumenical dialogue, both are Co- presidents of the Italian Charismatic Consultation (ICC).


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