The Azusa Street Revival and Its Legacy


Table of Contents


An Introduction to the Azusa Street Revival and Its Legacy

             Harold D. Hunter and Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

List of Contributors

Part I:  The Azusa Street Revival: 1906-1909

Ordinary Prophet: William J. Seymour and the Azusa Street Revival

      Gastón Espinosa

The Role of Women in the Azusa Street Revival

Estrelda Alexander

Pentecostal Healing at the Mission

Kimberly Ervin Alexander

Spiritual Hunger “on the Apostolic Faith Line”

      Daniel Woods

From Azusa to Cleveland: The Amazing Journey of G. B. Cashwell and the

            Spread of Pentecostalism

David Roebuck

“Networks and Niches”: The Worldwide Transmission of the Azusa Street Revival

David Maxwell

What Good Can Come from Los Angeles? Changing Perceptions of the North American Pentecostal Origins in Early Western European Pentecostal Periodicals

Cornelis van der Laan

Azusa Missionaries in the Context of Caste System in India

            Paulson Pulikottil

 Revivals and the Global Expansion of Pentecostalism after Azusa Street

Allan Anderson


Part II: The Legacy of the Azusa Street Revival


Signs of Grace in a Graceless World: The Charismatic Structure of the Church in Trinitarian Perspective

Frank D. Macchia

 Encountering the Triune God: Spirituality since the Azusa Street Revival

Simon Chan

Pentecostal Eschatology: What Happened When the Wave Hit the West End of the Ocean

Wonsuk Ma

The “Place” of Women in Pentecostal/Charismatic Ministry since the Azusa Street Revival

Pamela Holmes

The Blessings of Azusa Street and Doornfontein, and Pentecost’s Blind Spot

            Frank Chikane

The Church of God in Christ and the Azusa Street Revival

Frederick L. Ware

A Journey Toward Racial Reconciliation: Race Mixing in the Church of God of Prophecy

Harold D. Hunter

After Azusa Street: Identity and Functions of Pentecostalisms in the Processes of Social Change

Bernardo Campos Morante

Pentecostalism and Social Transformation

Donald E. Miller

The Azusa Street Revival and the Historic Churches

Fr. Thomas P. Rausch, S.J.