PCCNA web now at www.pccna.org

In the wake of the election of new officers for the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA) during the 19th Pentecostal World Conference in Los Angeles, Dr. Harold D. Hunter was asked to take responsibility for the PCCNA web. The site is now available at www.pccna.org

Hunter who co-edited with Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., the PCCNA magazine Reconciliation, is director of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Archives and Research Center. Dr. Hunter will seek to give voice to the mission of the PCCNA by accentuating tenants of the Racial Reconciliation Manifesto which was part of the fabric of the 1994 "Miracle in Memphis." Bishop Ithiel Clemmons, Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr., Dr. Leonard Lovett and Dr. Harold Hunter served on the manifesto committee.

Particular effort will be given to embody the call to prophetically oppose racism and sexism. As such, the original papers from the "Miracle in Memphis" and a paper by Bishop George D. McKinney, co-chair of PCCNA, on Azusa St. are available at the site. Also available is a streaming video clip of the sermon by Bishop Barbara Amos to the 1997 PCCNA conference outside Washington, D.C. Attention will be given to relevant online materials and other bodies including pages available in Spanish.

Bishop James D. Leggett, co-chair of PCCNA, calls on IPPA members and other interested parties to submit news reports to Dr. Hunter at archives@iphc.org