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Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research

 Articles in this e-journal have to be relocated on occasion so one must click on the heading of a given issue to locate an article of interest. There one will also find additional information about the contributors and the articles.


Table of Contents #1  January 1997

Dr. Wonsuk Ma, "Toward An Asian Pentecostal Theology."

Dr. Sheri Benvenuti,  "Releasing Women in Ministry."

Dr. Mathew Clark, "Ekstasis in New Testament Christianity."

Dr. Harold D. Hunter,  "Beniah At The Apostolic Crossroads: Parham, Tomlinson, Sandord, Irwin."  

Mr. Amos Yong,  "'Tongues,' Theology and the Social Sciences: A Pentecostal-Theological Reading of Gertz's Interpretive Theory of Religion."


Table of Contents #2  July 1997

Dr. Daniel E. Albrecht,  "Pentecostal Spirituality: Ecumenical Potential and Challenge."

Rev. Dr. Cheryl J. Sanders, "History of Women in the Pentecostal Movement."

Dr. Richard E. Waldrop,  "The Social Consciousness and Involvement of the Full Gospel Church of God of Guatemala."

Dr. Vinson Synan,  "Yoido Full Gospel Church."


Table of Contents #3 January 1998

Dr. Julie Ma,  "A Pentecostal Woman Missionary in a Tribal Mission: A Case Study."

Dr. Martien Parmentier, "Water Baptism and Spirit Baptism in the Church Fathers." 

Revd. Apostle Professor H. Olu. Atansuyi,  "Gospel and Culture from the Perspective of African Instituted Churches."

Dr. Nico Horn,  "Crossing Racial Borders in Southern Africa: A Lesson From History."

Dr. Choo Lak Yeow, "Christ in Cultures: with reference to Samuel P. Huntingtons 'The Clash of Civilization.'"


Table of Contents #4  July 1998

Rev. Roli G. dela Cruz,  "Luke's Application of Joel 2:28-32 in Peter's Sermon in Acts 2."

The final report from the Fourth Phase of the International Dialogue 1990-1997 between the Roman Catholic Church and some Classical Pentecostal Churches and Leaders.

Dr. David Bernard, Book Review of E. Calvin Beisner, "Jesus Only" Churches (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1998).

Response to Dr. Wonsuk Ma's "Toward An Asian Pentecostal Theology" by Gabriel Reuben Louis. .

Dr. Luis Segreda report on the Theological Stream of Brighton '91


Table of Contents #5  February 1999

Dr. Carmelo Alvarez,  "Hispanic Pentecostals: Azusa Street and Beyond."

Dr. David Roebuck,  "Restorationism and a Vision for World Harvest: A Brief History of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)."

Dr. David Bundy, "The Ecumenical Quest of Pentecostalism."

Rev. Nils-Olov Nilsson, "The Debate on Women's Ministry: Summary and Analysis."

Ronald Nathan, "Pentecostalism and Ethnic and Racial Diversity."


Table of Contents #6  August 1999

Valdis Teraudkalns,  "Origins of Pentecostalism in Latvia."

Rev. Dr. Markku Antola, "The Experience of Christ's Real Presence in Faith as a Goal for Lutheran Charismatic Renewal."

Dr. Yeol Soo Eim, "The Amazing Ministry of Rev. Dr. Seen Ok Ahn."

Mr. Wolfgang Vondey, "Pentecostal Identity and Christian Discipleship."


Table of Contents #7 February 2000

Dr. Swang-Hwan Lee, "The Relevance of St. Basil's Pneumatology to Modern Pentecostalism."  

Mr. Geir Lie,  "The Charismatic/Pentecostal Movement in Norway: The Last 30 Years."

Dr. Lee Wanak,  "Theological Education and the Role of Teachers in the 21st Century: A Look at the Asia Pacific Region."

Rev. Kilian McDonnell, O.S.B., delivered this Confession of Sins to the Society for Pentecostal Studies


Table of Contents #8  September 2000

"Word and Spirit, Church and World." The Final Report of the International Dialogue between Representatives of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches (WARC) And Some Classical Pentecostal Churches and Leaders: 1996-2000.

Dr. David E. Ramirez,  "La Palabra y el Espiritu en la Vida de la Iglesia,"

Review of Willis Collins Hoover, History of the Pentecostal Revival in Chile by Dr. David Bundy,


Table of Contents #9  February 2001

Dr. Allan Anderson, "Pentecostals and Apartheid in South Africa during Ninety Years."

Dr. Jean-Daniel Plüss,  "The Frog King or the Coming of Age of Pentecostalism." 

Marlon Millner, "We've come this far by faith: Pentecostalism and political and social upward mobility among African-Americans."



Table of Contents #10  July 2001

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Kingsley Larbi,  "The Nature of Continuity and Discontinuity of the Ghanaian Pentecostal Concept of Salvation in African Cosmology."

Opoku Onyinah, "Deliverance as a way of Confronting Witchcraft in Modern Africa: Ghana as a Case History."

Dr. Chin Khua Khai, "Pentecostalism in Myanmar."

Dr. Paulson Pulikottil, "As East and West Met in God's Own Country: Encounter of Western Pentecostalism with Native Pentecostalism in Kerala."


Table of Contents #11  February 2002

Huibert Zegwaart, "Christian Experience in Community."

Virginia T. Nolivos,  "Pentecostal Paradigm for the Latin America Family: An Instrument of Transformation."

Daniel F. Flores,  "Guerilla Christianity: Towards Recovering an Apocalyptic Paradigm for Spirit-filled Ministry."

Dr. Nils Olov Nilsson, "The Development of the Church Concept in the Swedish Pentecostal Movement: 1913-1948."


Table of Contents #12  February 2003

Dr. Lap-yan Kung, "Globalization and Ecumenism: A Search for Human Solidarity, with reference to Pentecostalism/Charismatism in Hong Kong."

Dr. Paul W. Lewis, "Reflections on a Hundred Years of Pentecostal Theology."

Dr. Daniel Woods, "Failure and Success in the Ministry of T.J. McIntosh, the first Pentecostal Missionary to China."


Table of Contents #13  April 2004

Dr. Neil Hudson, "A Hot Gospeller In A Cool Climate: Aimee Semple McPherson in Britain through the lens of the British Press."

Bernardo Campos, "El Post Pentecostalism: Renovación del Liderazgo y Hermenéutica del Espíritu."

Dr. Hwa Yung, "Missiological Implications of Dr. David Yonggi Cho's Theology."

Dr. Jones Amanor, "Pentecostalism in Ghana: An African Reformation."

Table of Contents #14  May 2005

"The Past: Historical Roots of Racial Unity and Division" by Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

"The Present: The Problem of Racism and Discrimination and Our Racial Division in the Pentecostal Movement" by Dr. Leonard Lovett

"The Ideal: The Biblical Pattern of Unity" by Dr. William Turner

"The Future: Strategy for Reconciliation" by Dr. Vinson Synan


Table of Contents #15   February 2006

Neither Naïve nor Narrow: A Balanced Pentecostal Approach to Christian Theology of Religions " by Dr. Tony Richie.

"Dynamics of Ministry Training and Ministry Opportunities for Charismatic Women: A Socio-historical Perspective of Wesleyan, Pentecostal, and Holiness Women in Ministry in the Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century U.S." by Dr. Heather Ann Ackley and Annettee Mc Cabe.

"'When the Poor Are Fired Up': The Role of Pneumatology in Pentecostal-Charismatic Mission" by Dr. Wonsuk Ma.

"Encounter with Modernity: The 'McDonaldization' and 'Charismatization' of Korean Mega-Churches," by Dr. Young-Gi Hong.


Table of Contents #16   January 2007

"The Chinese Expression of Pentecostalism" by Rev. Dr. Timothy Yeung, 

 "Post-1960s Pentecostalism and the Promise of a Future For Pentecostal Holiness Women Preachers" by Kristen Welch, 

"Contemporary Pentecostal Leadership: The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa as Case Study" by Dr. Mathew Clark

"The Spirit and Theological Interpretation: A Pentecostal Strategy" by Dr. Kenneth J. Archer.

"The Prosperity Gospel in Nigeria: A Re-Examination of the Concept, Its Impact, and an Evaluation" by Dr. George O. Folarin


Table of Contents #17   January 2008

"Beyond the Rivers of Africa: The Afrocentric Pentecostalism of Mensa Otabil" by Dr. Christian van Gorder

"E.W. Kenyon and Dispensationalism" by Geir Lie

"Christian Music As a Discipline: A Religious Appraisal of Christian Music in Nigeria Today" by Yomi Daramola

"Orphans or Widows? Seeing Through A Glass Darkly," by Dr. Harold D. Hunter


Table of Contents #18   February 2009

"On Becoming A Christian: Insights from Scripture and the Patristic Writings with Some Contemporary Reflections." (pdf) Report of the Fifth Phase of the International Dialogue Between Some Classical Pentecostal Churches and Leaders and the Catholic Church (1998-2006)

"A Comparative Study of Principles and Methods of Propagating the Holy Quran and the New Testament" by Dr. Mohsen Zare Jelyani and Dr. Hassan Khajehei

"Predilection for African Indigenous Practices in the Pentecostal Tradition of African Indigenous Churches with reference to Christ Apostolic Church Agbala Itura," by Dr. Ogunrinade Adewale O.

"Parameters of Pentecostal Aesthetics," by Dr. Matthew Del Nevo

"When the Holiness Preacher Came to Town: Re-dating W.F. Godbey's Visit to Azusa Street," by Gerald W. King


Table of Contents #19   January 2010

"'I Will Pour Out My Spirit Upon All Flesh': The Origin, Growth and Development of the Precious Stone Church - the Pioneering African Indigenous Pentecostal Denomination in Southwestern Nigeria," Rev. Dr. Samson Adetunji Fatokun

 "Daniel Awrey, the Fire-Baptized Movement, and the Origins of the Church of God: Toward a Chronology of Confluence and Influence,"  Dr. Daniel G. Woods

"The Spirit of Truth as Guide Into All Truth: A Response to R.A. James Merrick, 'The Spirit of Truth as Agent in False Religions? A Critique of Amos Yong's Pneumatological Theology of Religions with Reference to Current Trends,'" Dr. Tony Richie


Table of Contents #20   April 2011

Comments on Science and the Spirit edited by Dr. J. K. A. Smith and Amos Yong, Dr. William K. Kay

Review and Reflections on Science and the Spirit: A Pentecostal Engagement with the Sciences, Dr. Jeff Hittenberger

Explanation and Interdisciplinary Rationality: Which Way for Pentecostal Theology?,
Dr. Nimi Wariboko

As Iron Sharpens Iron…: A Narrative Response, Dr. Mike Tenneson and Dr. Steve Badger

The Spirit of Science: Are Pentecostals Ready to Engage the Discussion?, Dr. Amos Yong


Table of Contents #21   January 2012

"Founding Vision or Visions? The Sources of Early Church of God Ecclesiology," Dr. Dale Coulter 

"How Valid are the Emerging Responses from Three Selected Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria to Poverty?" Dr. George O. Folarin

 "EXPERIENCE IN CHRISTIAN FAITH AND LIFE: "Worship, Discipleship, Discernment, Community, and Justice," The Report of the International Dialogue between Representatives of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches And Some Classical Pentecostal Churches and Leaders 2001-2011


Table of Contents #22   January 2013

"The Nature of the Church: The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Life," Rev. Dr. Simon Chan

"Prophecy and Politics: British-Israelism in American Pentecostalism," Christopher J. Richmann

"Gospel Shaped Church: David Watson's Charismatic Ecclesiology," Rev. Dr. Andy Lord.


Table of Contents #23   July 2016

"A Discerning Theology of Christian Evangelism Suitable for a Multi-faith World," Rev. Dr. Tony Richie.

"Holiness in Bradley County, 1880-1906, Culminating in A.J. Tomlinson Speaking at the Methodist Holiness Camp Meeting Site at Lake Wildwood," Robert L. George.

"Christian Glossolalia: A Biblical Review of Clinical and Physiological Studies," Joseph W. Bergeron, MD.


Table of Contents #24   June 2017


"'Our Lord and Giver of Life?' A Reformed Perspective on Pneumatology and Mission," Dr. Nadia Marais.

"A Re-examination of Faith and Healing in the Gospels: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Healing and Disability," Dr. Jennifer Anne Cox.

"'Do Not Quench the Spirit': Charisms in the Life and Mission of the Church," Report of the Sixth Phrase of the International Roman Catholic - Pentecostal Dialogue, 2011-2015.


Table of Contents #25   April 2018

"Divine Healing in the Christ Apostolic Church in Global Pentecostal Context," Dr. George O. Folarin.

"Baptized in Jesus' Name: Oneness and Trinitarian Pentecostal Readings of Acts 2:38," Dr. Paul J. Palma.

"The Community of the Spirit in the International Reformed - Pentecostal Dialogue," Mr. Josiah Baker..

"Fire-Baptized Holiness Association of America Impact on the Emerging Church of God (Cleveland, TN): 1898-1906," Dr. Harold D. Hunter.

Table of Contents #26   February 2019

"'Power Must Change Hands': Militarisation of Prayer and the Quest for Better Life among Nigerian Pentecostals," Dr. Benson O. Igboin

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Impact on Pentecostal Higher Education," Daniel Topf

"The Origin of T.B. Barratt's Concept of 'Missionary Tongues,'" Geir Lie

Nigeria's Pentecostal Churches and the Tribunal of Social Media," Dr. Femi J. Kolapo

Table of Contents #27  July 2020

 "Called to God's Mission": Report of the Third Round of the International Dialogue Between Representatives of the World Communion of Reformed Churches And Some Classical Pentecostal Churches and Leaders: 2014---2020, [PDF].

"African Biblical Hermeneutics: An Excursus on Covenant in Yoruba Context," Dr. Mrs. Oderinde Olatundun Abosede, Department of Religious Studies, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State  and Mr. Kolawole Oladotun Paul, Department of Theology, ECWA Theological College, Kpada

"Exploring the Great Commission Mandate in Matthew 28:18-20," Mr. Kolawole Oladotun PaulDepartment of Theology, ECWA Theological College, Kpada

"Pentecostal Ecotheology from the Margins," Dr. Harold D. Hunter, IPHC Ecumenical Officer. This paper was read as “’Come Holy Spirit: Renew Thy Whole Creation’: Pentecostal Ecotheology from the Margins," 6th International Conference on Ecological Theology and Environmental Ethics," or ECOTHEE-19, Orthodox Academy of Crete, Chania, Crete, September 23-26, 2019.

"Humility from Wesley through Pentecost: An Indispensable Doctrine", Michael Blythe, PhD student at South Africa Theological Seminary, faculty of Nations University, United Methodist Church parish clergy.





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