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IPHC Archives and Research Center

Announcements: Go here for news of recent developments flowing from the ministry of the IPHC Archives and Research Center.

IPHC TimeLine: As part of our Centennial Celebration in 1998, a timeline was developed with commentary by Dr. Harold Hunter.

Digital Library: A growing number of early IPHC publications are available for viewing online.

Legacy: Articles of the IPHC Archives and Research Center paper are available online. Entire issues are downloadable in pdf format.

Introduction: Learn more about the ministry of the IPHC Archives and Research Center. Take a virtual tour of our vault. Panoramatic and virtual views are available.

Heritage Partners: This volunteer group supports key projects that rescue rare IPHC documents.

Inventory: A searchable text of our inventory is available online.

Catalog: Learn about cds, dvds, video tapes, photos, and other materials..