Heritage Society
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The need for financial supports of the IPHC Archives and Research Center led us to found the International Pentecostal Holiness Church Heritage Society.


Membership dues in the Society will be $250 per quadrennium and will entitle members to:


A 10% discount on our collection of historic cds


An attractive certificate suitable for framing


Members engraved name on the IPHC Heritage Society Honor Roll to be prominently displayed in our Archives facility.

These individual memberships will be renewed at the beginning of each new quadrennium; lifetime memberships may be acquired for a one-time $1,000 gift. Married couples qualify for the individual cost of membership. (For example, Dr. & Mrs. Harold D. Hunter would pay $250 per quadrennium or $1,000 for a lifetime membership.)

The $250 membership may be two separate $125 payments; the $1,000 lifetime membership may be paid in four installments of $250. Discounts for the cds and certificate issuance will become effective with the first payment. Membership must be paid in full, however, before engraving of name on Honor Roll.

In Memoria

The IPHC Heritage Society offers In Memoria inscriptions for a deceased individual or married couple. You may memorialize family, friends and leaders who have greatly influenced your life with a one-time donation of $250. The honorees name will be engraved on a special section of the Honor Roll. What a wonderful way to honor those pioneers who played a great role in the heritage we are preserving.

Why a Heritage Society?

Some expenses for basic staffing at the IPHC Archives and Research Center are part of the Resource Development Center commitment. However, many costs that relate to document restoration, equipment (microfiche, microfilm, cameras, computer hardware and software, etc.) needs and maintenance, development of film, library shelving and storage containers make the burden more than the RDC resources can support.

Therefore, we call on those who understand the importance of preserving our heritage and keeping open the doors of a viable research center for Pentecostal Holiness members, friends and interested scholars, to step forward and let your voice be heard.

Become an IPHC Heritage Partner today with a membership and show your enthusiastic support. Membership fees are tax deductible. An enrollment form can be mailed to you. Simply click Heritage Society and provide us with your mailing address or complete our online form. If you prefer to pay online with Visa or MasterCard, please wait until this is operational again.

Charter Members

Bishop & Mrs. James D. Leggett, Bishop & Mrs. B.E. Underwood, Dr. & Mrs. Harold D. Hunter, Rev. & Mrs. A.D. Beacham, Sr., Ruby Alcorn, Rev. & Mrs. Bill Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. George E. Wilson, John W. Campbell, Ed & Lois Henson, Clara Ingram, Rev. Daisy Morris, Mrs. Etheleen Cannon Russell, Mrs. Harrison H. Valentine, Rev. Harrison H. Valentine, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Mooring;  IPHC North Carolina Conference.

2001-2005 Quadrennium Members

Mrs. Harrison H. Valentine, Mrs. Ruby Alcorn and Ed & Lois Henson.

Lifetime Members

Bishop & Mrs. B.E. Underwood,  Rev. & Mrs. A.D. Beacham, Sr.,  Dr. & Mrs. Harold D. Hunter, Mrs. Daisy Jones Morris, Mr. & Mrs. Phillip A. Mooring, North Carolina Conference, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Howard Springer, Rev. & Mrs. D. Chris Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. George Wilson, .