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South Carolina


In December 1996, Rev. T. Elwood Long announced the appointment of Rev. D. Chris Thompson, Assistant Conference Superintendent, as Archivist for the North Carolina Conference. This announcement was followed quickly by word from Rev. Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr., that Rev. Carl Sexton had been appointed Conference Archivist for the Upper South Carolina Conference. Rev. Clifton Smith announced the appointment of Rev. Orren Simpson as Archivist for the Sonshine Conference. Mrs. Grace Bachelor was appointed Mid-Atlantic Conference Archivist by Rev. Wesley Potter and Rev. Leroy Baker has assumed this responsibility for the Texas Conference. Rev. Donald D. Burchett appointed Rev. Damon Burrows as Archivist for the Kansas Conference. Dr. C.R. Conner accepted the appointment by Rev. Edward W. Wood of Archivist for the Appalachian Conference. Rev. Gary Burd appointed Rev. Albert Maggard as Archivist for the Great Plains Conference. Rev. H. Larry Jones accepted this appointment by Rev. Douglas L. Amos for the South Carolina Conference. Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr., appointed Rev. Paul Oxley as Archivist for the Georgia Conference. Opal Rouse, appointed by Rev. Curtis Belcher, serves as Archivist for the Golden West Conference.

Currently, Mrs. Betty Thompson serves as Archivist for the North Carolina Conference. Rev. Jack Goodson has been appointed Archivist for the Cornerstone Conference by Rev. Thomas McGhee and Rev. Curtis Baker serves as Archivist for the Texas Conference being appointed by Rev. Leroy Baker. The most recent Archivist is Michael Blythe for Redemption Ministries, appointed by Rev. Gary Burd.

These conference archivists have undertaken various projects to enable their conferences to celebrate the 1998 denominational centennial and subsequence conference centennials and benefit from its significance. Rev. Carl Sexton sent rare original conference materials to the IPHC Archives and Research Center vault.  The church has invested in providing professional protection for these valuable documents while our computerized project hastens to make access easy for our patrons. Those who are unable to travel to Oklahoma City should consider the benefits of using our online reference services. If interested in this service, please review our policy.

A project started May, 1998 allows conference archivists to publish web pages about archives in their conferences. The first page available was from the Appalachian Conference. Future pages will be found in the left column of this page.