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1/25/07: The IPHC Archives & Research Center has a dvd available for $85 of Pentecostal Holiness Advocates - This particular dvd covers the years 1917-1949 and includes a history of the PHC by GF Taylor and the FBHC by JH King. The release date of the next dvd which will go up to 1959 is currently unknown. Eventually the entire series of Pentecostal Holiness Advocates will be available on dvds. For $20 each, we also have (1) Early IPHC Periodicals - This is a collection of select issues of the Holiness Advocates, Live Coals, and the Apostolic Evangel. This cd shows the transition from holiness bodies to a Holiness Pentecostal denomination. A new edition with a few more issues of Holiness Advocates should be ready by the end of this year. (2) General Conference Minutes - This contains all general conference minutes from 1911 - 2005. Also included are a few early disciplines and manuals by the PHC and FBHC. If interested in any or all of these cds, please contact Ms. Erica Rutland at or call her at (405) 787-7110 x3132. Or if you prefer, click here for a brochure formatted as a pdf file.

The IPHC timeline has been expanded by Dr. Harold D. Hunter to include ties of the IPHC to the 1906 - 1909 Azusa St. Revival. Go to

Click here for a press release on the Archives luncheon held July 25, 2005 during the 25th IPHC General Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Take a 'virtual' tour of the vault in the IPHC Archives & Research Center. Panoramatic and virtual views are available.

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