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Eddie Morris Collection

Select Donations of Materials to IPHC Archives and Research Center

Since 1997


W. H. Turner Family of Las Cruces, New Mexico - Various writings, correspondence, and personal effects of W.H. Turner

Lois Henson, Shawsville, VA - Original Pentecostal Holiness Advocates (1917-1925)

Margaret McGee, Bluefield, W VA - Original 1917 Discipline of the Pentecostal Holiness Church

Ruby Alcon-Tallahassee, FL - Historical materials from PHC @ Tallahassee; Newspaper writings on J.H.King, G.F. Taylor & others

Rev. Paul Howell, OKC, OK - 78 r.p.m. recording with a 1950’s message by Emma law to the Woman’s Auxiliary of SC

Rev. Bill Anderson, Hot Springs, AR - photographs of past general conferences; 1940’s and 1950’s California Conference camp meetings; 1950 PHYS board members of Southern CA; Pentecostal World Conference attendees 1970, etc.

Etheleen Russell-Montgomery, AL - Conference & General Conference Minutes starting1918; Advocates starting 1944; Witness 1974-1981;Various youth publications starting 1943; other assorted IPHC periodicals

Dr. David Alexander, Southeastern College of The Assemblies of God, Lakeland,FL - Microfilm of J.H. King file from NC; books by Oral Roberts; related books on Pentecostalism

Mrs. Lois Ingram Simmons, OKC, OK  - Bishop J.H. King & G.F. Taylor Collector Plates

Mrs. Dwight Burchett, OKC, OK  - 1928-29 catalog from King’s College

Mrs. Charlotte Iaquinta, OKC, OK - Book: Remember Our Goff-Hodges and Their Kin; Books by Florence Goff (on loan); Test and Triumphs, Life of Rev. J.A. Hodges, Child Stories & Stories Told in Children’s Services

Lois Henson, Shawsville,VA - Various photos; selection of books; incl. orig copy of Fifty Years on the Battlefield for God by Florence Goff

Mrs. Susie Morris, Newcastle, OK - Pictures of John George Powell, an IPHC circuit preacher born June 23, 1865 in Arkansas who lived to be 104 years old

Rev. & Mrs. Harrison H. Valentine, Ft Smith, AR - Scrapbook w/photos of Harrison H. Valentine and other PH ministers; other misc. pictures

 Mr. John L. McCaul, Vancouver, WA - Scrapbook on missionaries & other materials that give origin & growth of the PHC in Hawaii from 1947-1980’s

Rev Charles E. Bradshaw, Franklin Springs, GA - Bound Advocates 1945; printer’s plates for for first Advocate published May 3, 1917; misc pictures & documents

Mrs. Cecil Brown, National City, CA - Scrapbook & various news clippings on IPHC

Mrs. W. J. Nash, Tulsa, OK - Various books, incl. The Pentecostal Holiness Church 1898-1948 by J.E. Campbell & In the Latter Days by Vinson Synan; various publications; Georgia Conference minutes 1918-1988 (incomplete set)

Mrs. Irene Browning, Winslow, AR - (on behalf of Rev. C.E. Neukirchner): Audio tape of C.E.Neukirchner

Mrs. Daisy Morris, Falcon, NC -  Photos & news clippings on W.E. Morris

Laverne Murr, OKC, OK - Group photo of Panhandle Conference TX ;1937 camp meeting; group photo of preacher’s convention @ Central Church of OKC, OK Spring 1948

Mrs. Louise Smith - 1911 PHC Discipline and G.F. Taylor's The Devil (1907).

Rev. R. Glennard Quesenberry donated the following materials on March 31, 1998: Pentecostal Young People’s Society Quarterly, Third Quarter, 1929 (Franklin Springs: Pentecostal Holiness Church); Discipline of the Pentecostal Holiness Church: 1933 (Franklin Springs: Pentecostal Holiness Church, 1933); Bible Class Grade, Pentecostal Holiness Sunday School Literature, Third Quarter, 1946 (Franklin Springs: Pentecostal Holiness Church). Mrs. Ruby Kay donated various copies of Healing Waters. Mrs. J. J. Collier sent copies of Impact, Maritime Conference Minutes, and related materials that effectively give us a snapshot of the life of the Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada.

On 4/30/98, Dr. Charles Jones made available the following: 1899 Charter of Oklahoma Orphanage (photocopy); Christ is All (1919) by G.M. Henson (photocopy); Converted, Sanctified and Baptized with Fire (Stanford, KY: 1897) by L.M. Lasley (photocopy).

Rev. Carl Sexton, Archivist for Upper South Carolina Conference, sent the following minutes: FBHC GA & USC 1909 State Convention, PHC GA & USC 1911-1915, GA - 1916, USC Conference 1917-1997 (a few missing), General Conference a few starting in 1913. Mrs. Francis Amos, South Carolina Conference, sent us minutes of the South Carolina Conference 1954-1997.

Contributions have also been made by Miss Emma Crouch and Rev. Charles Bradshaw.

Mrs. Daisy Morris, Falcon, NC - numerous materials from the Eddie Morris Collection. Follow link in upper left column.

Rev. Walter Gamble, Superintendent of the Western Canada Conference of the Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada, donated (11/98) several minutes from across Canada on behalf of the Pentecostal Holiness Church of Canada.

Donations to arrive late in the summer of 1999 include a personal collection of Bishop T.A. Melton from the First Pentecostal Holiness Church in Charlotte, NC. Lois Henson gave us the 1914 certificate of ordination for Garland Jewell signed by Bishop J.H. King and E.D. Reeves. The latter was delivered to the IPHC Archives & Research Center by Dr. C.R. Conner, Archivist for the Appalachian Conference.

October 18, 1999: Rev. Rick Brewster delivered "A Study of the Growth of the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Andhra Pradesh and its Relationship to the present Charismatic Movement" by B.S. Moses Kumar. The author's B.D. thesis was completed at the Andhra Christian Theology College in Hyderabad, India.

A comprehensive run of minutes from the Kansas Conference have been donated by Rev. & Mrs. Zenger. Another new addition are rare photos from the Upper South Carolina Conference. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan Woods continues to contribute significant materials, especially by the luminous Daniel Awrey.

"90 Years in the Service of God: A History of Irmo Pentecostal Holiness Church, 1910-2000" by Furman and Louise Youngier, Paul Youngier, and Timothy E. Bradshaw is now available.

 Thanks to Dr. Carey Merritt and Dr. Cheryl Bridges-Johns for making available sermon notes of Rev. Simpson Merritt.

During the summer of 2000, we took in several materials belonging to Bishop Underwood and most issues of The Altamont Witness (1911-1918). Thanks to Dr. Dan Woods for his assistance in getting photocopies of The Altamont Witness.

Since 2000

The primary collections taken in since 2000 include parts of the personal library of Bishop J.H. King and his handwritten seminary thesis, personal belongings of G.F. Taylor, portions of Bishop Dan T. Muse's personal library plus many sermon notes, rare original books in the Bane Underwood Collection, special materials from Noel Brooks, and special finds by Dr. A.D. Beacham, Jr..