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PCTII Newsletter #1

Spring 1993




Publication under the title All Together In One Place in July, 1993 by Sheffield Academic Press of the theological papers from Brighton ‘91 and reviews in Tychique #95 (1-92) and Ecumenical Review 21:3,4 (3,4-92) illustrate the growing presence of pentecostal and charismatic scholars around the world and their desire to work in a churchly environment.

The constant influx of new professional data forms like those circulated at Brighton ‘91 continues to enlarge the database of Dr. Harold D. Hunter. Efforts are underway to obtain access to Internet thus dispatching with ease any document for research related to this network of 400 scholars. Anyone who would like a copy of professional data forms which now exceeds 175 names, please send $5 (USA) to my attention at the Church of God School of Theology, PO Box 3330, Cleveland, TN 37320-3330, USA or fax 615-339-9692.





Meeting one year ago this April in Berlin, the European Charismatic Consultation initiated a theological stream to be coordinated by Wm. Shot. Members of the Theological Working Group of ECC are projecting a series of meetings that will address the "theological contribution of the charismatic renewal to the ecumenical process."

May 28, 1992, Dr. Martin Parmentier was appointed extraordinary Professor for teaching Theology of the Charismatic Renewal at the Free University of Amsterdam. The 17th session of the International Roman Catholic-Pentecosstal Dialogue met July 20-14, 1992 near Rome with the theme "Evangelism and Culture." Major paper presenters were Professor Herve Legrand, OP, and Dr. Everett A. Wilson. Having succeeded (in 1983) his brother David as chair of the Pentecostal team, Justus T. duPlessis accepted emeritus status as Dr. Cecil M. Robeck was elected chairperson, De. Ronald Kydd secretary and Dr. Don Jenkins member-at-large.

The 14th annual EPTA conference held July 20-24, 1992 at Elim Bible College, Nantwich, England drew 70 registrants from 18 Bible schools and 11 European countries. EPTA will next meet April 13-16, 1993 in Warsaw, Poland at the Theological Academy.

Plans for the related group CPCRE have been pushed back to 1994. (Organizers speculate on convening at the Donald Gee Center in Mottersey. Interested persons should contact Dr. Jean-Daniel Pluss, who also serves as editor of EPTA Bulletin.

From August 24 to September 4, Quito, Ecuador hosted the Third Congress on the Evangelization of Latin America. Dr. Guillermo Cook, a leader in the Latin American Theological Fraternity, served as General Coordinator. Among the outcomes of this conference was a non-confrontational exchange between heads of CLAI and CONELA.

The Encuentro Pentecostal Latinoamericano met November 22-28, 1992 in Brazil. Conference papers are available in Spanish. As in prior such meetings, this effort was jointly sponsored by the WCC and CLAI.

Rev.Tisssa Weerasingha, chair of the Asian Charismatic Theological Association has announced a planning meeting of ACTA for April 12-14, 1993 in Singapore.

The inaugural issue of The Journal of Pentecostal Theology was released last November by Sheffield Academic Press. Editors Dr. John Christopher Thomas, Dr. Steven J. Land, and Dr. Rick Moore head up also a new supplement series of monographs featuring constructive pentecostal theology.

A unique meeting held November 13-15, 1992 in Terlizzi, Italy brought together Roman Catholic Charismatics, Pentecostals, Waldensians, and Baptists.






Rev. Dr. Mark Stibbe is on line to teach "The Holy Spirit in the New Testament" at the University of Sheffield. Currently rector at St. Marks, Dr. Stibbe is also a contributing editor to Skepsis which runs monthly in the magazine Anglicans For Renewal.

Jointly published by the World Council of Churches and Eerdmans, the Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement includes entries by Dr. Cecil M. Robeck and Ft. Peter D. Hocken. Dr. Robeck has been added to the WCC Commission on Faith and Order. In a show of unprecedented interest in charismatics, the Geneva office of the WCC will appoint an executive secretary of Church and Ecumenical Relations who will seek out pentecostals and evangelicals. In related news, Dr. Miroslav Volf worked with the WEF Theological Commission last summer in the Philippines on the conciliar document Confessing The One Faith. Dr. Harold D. Hunter has a study of the BEM document scheduled for release in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies dated Fall, 1992.

Funeral services for Dr. Jerry L. Sandidge were held at his former pastorate, Evangel Temple Christian Center, in Springfield, Missouri on August 8. Among his many achievements, Jerry kept an active church ministry in creative tension with academic and ecumenical ventures, particularly toward Roman Catholicism as seen in his role in the international dialogues and the dedication of his published dissertation to the second quinquennium. He will be sorely missed.

The 16th Triennial Pentecostal World Conference was held October 9–13, in Oslo, Norway. The 1989 PWC in Singapore drew 40,000 persons to evening sessions in the national stadium. This was also the occasion when Dr. Vinson Synan assisted Canon Dr. James Wong and another in launching the Charismatic Fellowship of Asia (CFA) and the Asia Charismatic Theological Association (ACTA). PWC 2001, chaired by Dr. Ray Hughes, will convene in the USA in order to celebrate the centennial of the global pentecostal movement.

The much anticipated festschrift in honor of Dr. Walter J. Hollenweger, retired professor of the University of Birmingham, is available from Peter Lang under the title Pentecost, Mission and Ecumenism. Editor Dr Jan A.B. Jongeneel has pulled together a wide range of topics handled by respected specialists. A formal presentation to Professor Hollenweger was made September 9 at the State University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

Eldin Villafane, author of The Liberating Spirit: Toward An Hispanic American Pentecostal Social Ethic (Lanham: University Press of America, 1992), recently co-taught a course on liberation and pentecostalism with Harvey Cox at Harvard University. Dr. Villafane and Dr. Samuel Solivan provide leadership for La Communidad Hispanic Theological Colloquy and like groups which meet in conjunction with national AAR-SBL conferences.

The Society For Pentecostal Theology in South Africa in 1991 featured Dr. Frank Chikane, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, thus challenging limits of post-apartheid South Africa. Three primary traditions were active during this meeting June 1992 at the University of South Africa. The topic "Pentecostal Liturgy 2000" resulted in a fruitful discussion cross-culturally and on an interdenominational level at a time in the history of South Africa when church unity is the focus" according to Dr. Willie J. Wessels of UNISA. Dr.Wessels extends an open invitation to the SPT conference which will meet June, 1993 under the theme "Perspectives on the Second Coming of Christ."

The Kappel Declaration declaring solidarity with The Relevant Pentecostals in their push toward an apartheid free South Africa was released simultaneously in Transformation 9:1 (Jan/March, ‘92) and the EPTA Bulletin 10:1 (1991). In March, 1992, the Relevant Pentecostal Witness printed a second edition of Azusa. Send $4 to Pravinand Maharaj for each issue desired.

The Pentecostal Society for Theological Studies in India came to life last August. President Issac V. Mathew envisions conferences, publications, scholarships and buildings.

The Mission Society of St. Thomas the Apostle celebrated its 25th anniversary on February 22, 1992. It was founded in 1967 within the Syro-Malabar Church. This lone existing missionary institute among the Oriental Catholic churches counts Fr. Matthew Vellanickel among their number.

The general council of the Association of Evangelicals of Africa and Madagascar (AEAM) will meet under the theme "Africa for Jesus" according to General Secretary Dr. Tokumboh Adeyemo.


and finally:


Regarding the organizations identified above, perhaps specific information is required in the way of journals, conferences, etc. A form sheet bringing these data together will be issued upon request.

One matter that will affect approximately half of those addressed in the inaugural newsletter is the matter of changing addresses. Hopefully a colleague has passed this on to those who have moved. However, for future communication, please update the database when you move.