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PCTII-5                                 February 1995

Fr. Dr. Ioan Sauca, Executive Secretary for Orthodox Studies and
Relationships in Mission at the WCC headquarters (Geneva) reports
on the February 8-12, 1993 exchange at Bernhauser Forst,
Stuttgart, Germany, between Orthodox and Evangelicals prompted by
similar responses to Canberra '91. An agreed account draws
attention to common convictions while exploring common ground.
Sauca adds, "Next year another meeting between the two families
has been planned."
  The 46 year old Pentecostal Fellowship of North America
recently dissolved itself and was replaced by the Pentecostal/
Charismatic Churches of North America. Driving forces behind the
pentecostal racial reconciliation were Bishop Ithiel Clemmons and
Bishop B.E. Underwood, both of whom were chosen to lead the new
group. Members of the new executive include Bishop Barbara Amos
of the Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, Billy Joe Daughtery of
the Victory Christian Center, and Rev. Oswill Williams of the
Church of God of Prophecy.  The Racial Reconciliation Manifesto
was composed by Dr. Leonard Lovett & Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, both
paper readers at the conference held October 17-19, 1994 in
Memphis. At the same time a reconciliation project known as
"Programme Kundane" was carried out in Burundi, Africa, with the
help of AEA & Dr. Adeyemo. Dr. David Bosch says "We are bridge-crossers. The bridge is already there our Lord."
   Steve Hayes, an Orthodox scholar in South Africa invites
electronic bulletin board surfers to dial Unisa Editorial 27-12-429-8642 or Eternal Life Outreach BBS 27-12-546-9944.
Set modem to 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, 2400 bits per second.
   Addison-Wesley Publishing Company released Fire From Heaven:
The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of
Religion in the Twenty-first Century by Professor Harvey Cox then
Dennis Covington's Salvation on Sand Mountain: Snake Handling and
Redemption in Southern Appalachia which was featured on NBC (1-31-95).
  Rev. Huber van Beek, Executive Secretary for the WCC [Geneva]
Office of Church and Ecumenical Relations gathered about 20 Latin
pentecostals among 50 in Lima, Peru last Nov 14-17.
   Hendrickson press will soon release The Pentecostals II:
Problem and Promise by W.J. Hollenweger which includes a "plea
for a theologically responsible syncretism."
   Users of America Online are enjoying the Christianity Online
Forum. Not unlike the Usernet soc.religion.christian
preoccupation with Vineyard, some of the most brisk exchanges
tied to Christianity Today and Christian History have to do with
glossolalia and xenolalia. Unlike Christian Interactive Network
which currently has Strang Communications, the Religion Forum on
CompuServe has carried a lively discussion of the initial
evidence doctrine. Afroscope (Oct 94) lists contacts for
constituents to receive email.
   Dr. Samuel Solivan is a board member for the Journal of
Hispanic/Latin Theology.
   There will be no Society for Pentecostal Studies conference in
1995. Annual meetings will resume March 8-9, 1996 when SPS will
be hosted by Harvard Divinity School {venue later changed to Toronto}.
   Regent University [USA] is initiating an electronic forum.
Look for a new Listserv with a handle like "SPS." Dr. Vinson
Synan helped launch American Religious History along with the
likes of Harry Stout (Yale), Erling Jorstad (St. Olaf College),
Nathan Hatch (U of Notre Dame), and Jay Dolan (U of Notre Dame).
Other Listserves include koinonia, ECCHST-L, Evangelical History,
Ecology. For short list send message "send religion-all
shortlist.txt" to INTERNET: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
   Note "Pentecostalism" by Dr. David Daniels in Encyclopedia of
African American Religions, ed. by Larry G. Murphy, H. Gordon
Melton, Gary L. Ward (New York: Garland Publishing, 1993) pp.
   Note doctoral dissertation at Apud Pontificiam Universitatem
S. Thomae in Urbe, Pneumatological Ecclesiology in the Roman
Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue:  A Catholic Reading of the Third
Quinquennium (1985-1989), Romae: 1994, by Paul D. Lee.
   New in 1994 is the Regent University School of Divinity
Review.  Volume 1 featured entries by Dr. Lyle Story, Dr. Joseph
Umidi, and Dr. Howard Foltz.
   Duke professor Mary McClintock Fulkerson acknowledges
assistance from David Roebuck in her Changing the Subject:
Women's Discourses & Feminist Theology (Minneapolis: Fortress,
   Some missed the release of Christianity In Malaysia: A
Denominational History (Pelanduk Publications: Petaling Jaya,
1991) edited by Robert Hunt, Lee Kam Hing, John Roxborogh + James
Worsfold's The Origins of the Apostolic Church in Great Britain
(Wellington: Julian Literature Trust, 1991).
  The editorial board of Renewal Journal, led by Dr. Geoff Waugh
in Australia, includes the Orthodox Renewal Fellowship, Catholic
Charismatic Renewal, and the Baptist Renewal Fellowships among
   A Theological Forum will be held October 14-15, 1995 in Boston
sponsored by Cardinal Law, Bishops Harry Flynn, Paul Dudley & Sam
   Last November 13-20, CFA  gathered some 6,000 delegates
Asia-wide at the Philippine International Convention Center in
Manila which changed the acronym to mean Christ for Asia
Movement. The new executive board for Asia Charismatic
Theological Association (ACTA) has Dr. Tissa Werasigna, Dr. James
Wong, John Kayser, Dr. Miguel Alvarez & Bambang H. Widjaja.
   The European Pentecostal Theological Association met July 26-30 at the AG Bible College in Portugal.
   The European Pentecostal & Charismatic Research Association
(EPCRA) has set July 10-14, 1995 for its meeting  to be held at
the Donald Gee Centre in Mattersey, England. Side trips are
planned for Maesteg, Loughor (Welsh revival), Penygroes
(Apostolic) and possibly Epworth (John Wesley's home). Further
details are available from Dr. Jean-Daniel PlĘss, 411-821-9080
   ORLANDO '95, hosted by NARSC, includes special sessions for
scholars who gather July 26-29, 1995. Among the confirmed
speakers are: Dr. Choo L. Yeow who took part  in the recent WCC
Faith and Order commission meeting in Syria, Dr. Alonzo Johnson,
& Dr. Samuel Solivan. Those wishing more information should
contact Dr. David Reed at Wycliffe College [416-979-0471 fax],
Dr. Ralph Del College at Barry University [305-899-3279 fax]
and/or Dr. Harold Hunter [fax 615-339-9692]. Scholars are
encouraged to stay at the Sheraton Hotel. 

Dr. Harold D.  Hunter
Director of Research Center
International Pentecostal Holiness Church