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PCTII Newsletter #6

August 1995

   The Brisbane College of Ministry is a consortium of renewal colleges and church groups which coordinates renewal studies from Associate Diploma level to bachelors and post-graduate levels including Graduate diplomas, Masters degrees, and Ph.D. research through the Brisbane College of Theology and Griffith University. Contact the dean, Dr. Geoff Waugh, for information. Reported in Renewal Journal 4 (1994:2).
   A volume not to be missed is Dr. Yeow, Choo Lak's second volume in the series Doing Theology With Asian Resources: Theology and Cultures (Singapore: ATESEA, 1995).
   Dr. Roswith Gerloff (I.Lawrie@Leeds.Ac.Uk) has spearheaded a B.A. and M.A. program at the University of Leeds that emphasizes the "Black Christian Experience."  See her 1994/95 articles "African Diaspora" and "Black Pentecostalism" in Ev. Kirchenlesikon, Pastoraltheologie, and Evan. Kommentare.
   Dr. Jan A.B. Jongeneel has given us A Missiological Encyclopedia, Part 1 The Philosophy and Science of Mission in the Philosophy, Science and Theology of Mission in the 19th and 20th Centuries series by Peter Lang in Frankfurt.
   Barsabbas is a bulletin prepared at the Centre for the Study of Australian Christianity, Macquarie University, for discussion "among scholarly pentecostal and charismatic Christians" according to editor Mark Hutchinson (100026.3265@compuserve.com).
   A special issue of Concilium: Revue Internationale de Theologie (1996/3) being edited by Professor Jurgen Moltmann and Dr. Karl-Josef Kischel will focus on pentecostalism "as an ecumenical challenge."
   Eerdmans has released Models for Scripture and Models for Interpretation of Scripture by John Goldingay, an esteemed Old Testament charismatic scholar in addition to Dr. Gordon Fee as editor of the New International Commentary on the NT with his commentary on the Philippians, Thomas W. Gillespie, not a charismatic, with The First Theologians: A Study in Early Christian Prophecy and Word and Spirit at Play: Towards a Charismatic Theology by Dr. Jean-Jacques Suurmond.
   The third Asia Pacific Theological Association conference convened September 23-25, 1994, in Inchon, Korea.  In the meeting, a Theological Commission was formed to promote theological reflections and ultimately publish scholarly works.  Wonsuk Ma (Wsma@aol.com) reports that Dr. William W. Menzies chairs this Asia Pacific Assemblies of God Commission.
   Michael and Jeannie Harper were chrismated and received into the Orthodox Church in St. George's Cathedral, London on March 15. Harper, ordained a Priest on April 1, facilitated the move of nine communities of former Anglicans and their priests into the Antiochian Greek Orthodox Church.
   Inquire at Regent University about an announced electronic Ph.D. in communications with a minor in theology.  Available now are D.Min. and M.Div. courses online from the Divinity School.
   The Society for Pentecostal Studies will meet March 7-9 at Wycliffe College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Contact Dr. Grant Wacker program director or Dr. David Reed online coordinator.
   Charles Fox Parham papers are being microfilmed by the Archive Consortium coordinated by Dr. Vinson Synan. Copies of the microfilm will be available at various special collections in North America.
   The United Methodist publisher Cokesbury has opened a forum on CompuServe. The Assemblies of God headquarters has established a regular menu in America OnLine's Christianity Online Section which gave reports on the daily events at the recent general council. Those interested in the United Pentecostal Church should go to AOL's Religion menu, then choose debate and look for "One God-No Trinity." A good search engine will locate Web sites that have been established by UPC.