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PCTII Newsletter #9

Winter 1996

AAR/SBL '96 included papers by: Gordon Fee, Miroslav Volf, Don Dayton, Arto Anturri, Anthea Butler, Stephen Parker, Randall Balmer, Larry W. Hurtado, R. Marie Griffith. Books on display included: Graham W.P. McFarlane, Christ and the Spirit: The Doctrine of the Incarnation according to Edward Irving (Paternoster Press); Gordon Fee, Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God (Hendrickson Press); Pentecostal Movements As an Ecumenical Challenge, edited by Jurgen Moltmann and Karl-Josef Kuschel (Orbis Books); Christine Trevett, Montanism: Gender, Authority and the New Prophecy (Cambridge University Press); The Future of Theology: Essays in Honor of Jurgen Moltmann, edited by Miroslav Volf, Carmen Krieg, and Thomas Kucharz (Eerdmans); Books by John Goldigay (Eerdmans); Clark H. Pinnock, Flame of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit (InterVarsity Press).

After teaching six years at the Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Dr. Charles Ringma has returned to his native Australia. His doctoral thesis on Gadamer's hermeneutics will be published later this year by the University of Heidelberg. His previous publications are: Seize the Day with Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Albatross, 1991); Dare to Journey with Henry Nouwen (Albatross, 1992); Catch the Wind: The Shape of the Church to Come and our Place in It (Albatross, 1994); Resist the Powers with Jacques Ellul (Albatross, 1995); Life in Full Stride (Comp Literature, 1996, Philippines).

Richard Wang, SJ, is near completion of a doctoral dissertation in Chinese for the Faculty of Theology, Fujen Catholic University, Taiwan, with the title "The Significance of the Charisms in 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 for the Church."

Press releases on Memphis Miracle Revisited October 1996

Dr. Martin Parmentier is both Senior Lecturer in Church History at the Catholic Theological University in Utrecht and Professor of the Theology of the Charismatic Renewal at the Free University in Amsterdam. Editor of Bulletin voor charismatische theologie he has published widely in Dutch, German, and English. Included among his numerous publications are: "Two Early Charismatic Movements: Montanism and Messalianism," Theological Renewal 3 (1976) 14-22; "Charismatisch leven in de vroegchristelijke kerk," Bulletin voor charismatische theologie 2 (1978) 2-16; "Charismatische beweging in de oude Kerk," Bulletin voor charismatische theologie 4 (1979) 9-31; "St. Gregory of Nyssa's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit," (D.Phil. thesis, Oxford) published in Ekklesiastikos Faros; "Gregory of Nyssa's De differentia essentiae et hypostaseos in Syriac Translation," H.R. Drobner, C. Kolck (Hrsg.), Studien zu Gregor von Nyssa und der christlichen Spatantike, Festschrift A. Spira (Leiden: 1990) 17-55; "Montanisme als etiket voor religieus enthousiasme," Neder-lands Theologisch Tijdschrift 30 (1976) 310-317; Articles on "Old Catholic Church" en "Old Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue", The Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement (Geneva: World Council of Churches, 1991) 742-745; "Wat is genezing? Gedachten n.a.v. een tekst van Hippolytus," Bulletin voor charismatische theologie 14 (1984) 5-17.

"Vision of Glory: The Place of the Azusa Street Revival in Pentecostal History" by Joe Creech in Church History 65:3 (September 1996) 405-424.

Pastor Benaiah Naresh in Malaysia is working on a doctoral dissertation that compares and contrasts Dispensationalism to Covenant Theology.

Sang-Ehil Han, Ph.D. Candidate at Emory University, reports that the Korean TheologicalCollege in South Korea has been granted university status by the Korean government. It is now named Han Young Theological University.

Press releases on Memphis Miracle Revisited October 1996


The Theological Commission of the Asia Pacific Theological Association of the Assemblies of God held its First Annual Theological Forum at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, February 4-6. The featured speaker was Vinson Synan while other papers delivered were: Young-Hoon Lee, "Yoido Full Gospel Church and the Movement of the Spirit in Korea;" Wonsuk Ma, "First Waver Look at the Third Wave: Lower Level Power Encounter;" Paul W. Lewis, "Pneumatological Approach to Virtue Ethics." The 1998 forum is scheduled to be held in conjunction with the World Pentecostal Conference in Seoul, Korea.

Roman Catholics, Pentecostals and others met in November 1996 for an ecumenical event in Italy

New in March is Pentecostalism in Context: Essays in Honor of William W. Menzies, JPT Supplement Series 11, edited by Wonsuk Ma and Robert P. Menzies (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1997).

September 16-21, 1996 Bishop Ithiel Clemmons hosted a conference at the Church of God in Christ Cathedral, Greensboro, North Carolina, dedicated to "God In Creation." Drs. David Daniels, Alonso Johnson, and William Turner tackled topics ranging from "Is Environmental Racism also a Sin" to "What It Means to Pray for God's Old and New Creation." Also, Dr. Clemmons recently released his monograph on Bishop C.H. Mason and the Roots of the Church of God in Christ (Bakersfield: Pneuma Life, 1996). To order the book call 1-800-727-3218.

The Society For Pentecostal Studies will convene March 13-15, 1997 at Patten College in Oakland, California. The annual meeting will be preceded by two days of an ongoing National Council of Churches Faith and Order-Pentecostal Dialogue.

Dr. Mathew Clark recently finished a second doctoral dissertation for the University of South Africa (UNISA). The topic: "An Investigation into the nature of a viable pentecostal hermeneutic."