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PCTII #3                                                                                    Feb 94

The Historic Fifth convening of the WCC Faith and Order held in Santiago de
Compostela, 3-14 August, Spain during August, gratefully acknowledged the presence of
pentecostals and called for greater participation by charismatics. Rev. Dr. Simon Chan,
Professor of Theology at Trinity Theological College, Singapore, made a presentation to this
   Developments in the WCC Geneva office continue to evolve. Working within the Office of
Church and Ecumenical Relations, Orthodox George Lemopoulos will be the point person for
the Roman Catholic Church, while Swiss Protestant Hubert van Beek will establish contacts
with pentecostals.
   Those familiar with the prolific pen of Dr. Trandafir Sandru, President of the Institutul
Teologic Penticostal de Grad Universitar in Romania, will want to avail themselves of his brief
The Pentecostal Apostolic Church of God of Romania. This was published in 1992 by the
headquarters of the Pentecostal Apostolic Church of God in Romania.
   During October '93, Dr. Sandru welcomed Fr. Ioan Sauca, spokesperson for the Patriarch of
Bucharest, to lecture during an intensive course with 84 students. Dr. Sauca, who met with
ECC in Budapest and reported a dialogue between the American Orthodox Church &
Evangelicals which includes Pentecostals, has sensed since Canberra that Pentecostals &
Charismatics could help bridge the gap between East and West.
   Anyone looking for a sympathetic introduction to Orthodox thought from  Evangelicals &
Pentecostals  might consider Turning Over a New Leaf: Protestant Missions and the Orthodox
Churches of the Middle East published in 1992 by Middle East Media & Interserve.
   Those trying to locate Luis Segreda (Costa Rica) or Juan Sepulveda (Chile) must now look
to Madrid and England respectively. Both are engaged in doctoral programs.
   During August '93, Dr. Miguel Alvarez, President of the Asian Seminary of Christian
Ministries in the Philippines, received the Most Rev. Dr. Deogracias I€iquez, Ecumenical
Bishop for the Catholic Bishops' Conference in the Philippines.
   The Consultazione Carismatica Italiana convened November 26-28 again bringing together
Pentecostals, Waldensians, Baptists, & Roman Catholics.
   It is not yet too late to make plans to attend the Word, Spirit and Kingdom conference to be
held March 1-5 in Malaysia.  Fax Denison Jayasooria at 3-274-6373.
   ICCOWE, sponsors of Brighton '91, will call together its advisory board for a consultation
March 7-10 in Malaysia. Also on hand will be ACTA.
   The European Pentecostal & Charismatic Research Association (EPCRA) has set July 10-14, 1995 for its meeting  to be held at the Donald Gee Centre in Mattersey, England. Side
trips are planned for Maesteg, Loughor (Welsh revival), Penygroes (Apostolic) and possibly
Epworth (John Wesley's home). Further details are available from Dr. Jean-Daniel PlÆss, 411-821-9080 fax.
   Edward Cleary is in the formative stages of editing with Hannah Stewart-Gambino a book
on Latin American Pentecostals. Also of relevance is an article by Dr. Cleary that anticipated
the removal of Pentecostalism from the category of sects by
Cardinal Cassidy in a speech delivered at the Vatican in May, 1993.  The Spanish version of
Dr. Cleary's piece is in Pastoral Popular (March '93) and English in Commonwealth.
   Reflecting a recurring criticism of Pentecostalism, Dr. Cecil M. Robeck gave a paper on
proselytism at NAAE. An appropriate follow-up to having framed the WCC Faith & Order
section on the same subject.
   Dr. Joe Jackson ends the silence of African-American voices in his Reclaiming Our
Heritage: The Search for Black History in the Church of God.
   Do not miss Pentecostalismo y Liberacion: Una experiencia latinoamericana (San Jose,
Costa Rica: Editorial DEI, 1992) edited by Carmelo Alvarez. These EPLA papers are
assembled by this long term teacher at the Seminario Biblico Latinoamerica who recently
moved to Indiana to work with EAT WOT.
   Mention is made in the above volume to the well known CIEETS in Managua, Nicaragua.
Shortly after Brighton '91, Professor JÆrgen Moltmann served as visiting professor at CIEETS. 
He is scheduled to return in February '94 with a view to addressing needs of the environment.
The Sept 93 issue of the CIEETS Bulletin has articles dealing with pentecostalism in
   For those who missed the event, a printed version of highlights from the 1er Encuentro
Latinomaericano de Mujeres Pentecostales is found in Memoria. The conference was held
August 11-14, 1992 in Costa Rica.
   Needed light is shed by Clement I. Osunwokeh in A Study of the Catholic Charismatic
Renewal of Nigeria in the light of 1 Cor 12, 13 & 14  (1993).
   PFNA is undergoing a major restructuring in order to facilitate the creation of a similar
apparatus but one that is racially integrated.
   A new way of looking at a famous Pentecostal leader can be seen in the separate
treatments of Aimee Semple McPherson by Dr. Edith Blumhofer and David Epstein.