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Summer 1997

Not to be missed is Soixante ans de pentecotisme en Alsace (1930-1990) Una approche socio-historique by Dr. Raymond Pfister (Paris: Peter Lang, 1995).

Look for the article on "Evangelicalism" by Ms. Arlene M. Sanchez Walsh in the forthcoming Encyclopedia of New England Culture.

The Sixth International Theological Conference on the Holy Spirit was hosted August 25 by the International Theological Institute of Soonshin University of Korean Assemblies of God. Director Dr. Young-Hoon Lee reports that the institute was formerly under Yoidoo Full Gospel Church. This annual theological conference is a one-day affair which presents papers on selected themes from various theological traditions in Korea. This year's theme was Sanctification of a Christian in the Work of the Holy Spirit. The venue was Yonsei University of Seoul. The featured speaker was Dr. Jerry Horner of Oral Roberts University. Past speakers include Dr. Vinson Synan, Dr. J. Rodman Williams, and Dr. Harvey Cox. Four additional papers were read by Dr. Yonggil Maeng (Presbyterian), Dr. Honggi Kim (Methodist), Dr. Myungsoo Park (Holiness) and Dr. Wonsuk Ma (Pentecostal). The papers, most in Korean, are published each year. The seventh conference in 1998 will coincide with the 40th anniversary celebration of the Yoidoo Full Gospel Church.

The Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies is an academic publication sponsored by Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and Asia Pacific Theological Association. The first issue is scheduled for release in January, 1998. Initially the journal will be published annually. Contributions are not limited to but particularly welcome from Pentecostal-Charismatic scholars and non-participating scholars on Asian topics. Dr. William W. Menzies, Chancellor of APTS serves as editor while Dr. Wonsuk Ma, Academic Dean of APTS serves as associate editor. Those interested in receiving a copy of the inaugural issue should contact APTS or Dr. Ma. APTS invites publication exchanges with other schools and organizations.

Rev. Giovanni Traettino and Prof. Matteo Calisi, Co-Presidents of the Italian Charismatic Consultation, announce their annual retreat that will convene November 28-30, 1997 in Frascati (Rome). Featured speakers are Dr. Peter D. Hocken (England) and Rev. Lajos Simonfalvi (Hungary). For further information contact Professor Calisi or call 39-80-5026-103 or fax 39-80-5026-102 in Italy. Also look for Aspettando la Pentecoste by Matteo Calisi and Giovanni Treattino with introduction by Mons. Giuseppe Casale and Pastore Paolo Ricca (Edizioni Messaggero Padova: 1996) ISBN 88-250-0676-4.

Church of God in Christ is celebrating their centennial in September, 1997. 1998 will witness centennial celebrations sponsored by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church and the Fire-Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas.

Look for Teologia y economia: repensando la teologia de la liberacion y utopias (Madri, Espana: Ed. Nuveva Utipia, 1996) and Neoliberalismo y pobreza (San Jose, Costa Rica: DEI, 1995) by Dr. Jung Mo Sung, Associate Professor of Theology at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dr. Christina Breman's Ph.D. thesis has been published under the title The Association of Evangelicals in Africa: Its History, Organization, Members, Projects, External Relations and Message. For price and availability, contact the Boekencentrum Publishing House in the Netherlands.

Pablo Deiros, Carlos Mraida, Bernardo Stamateas, and Dr. Mervin Breneman, professors at the Seminario Internacional Teologico in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have been participating in the Renewal Movement. Pablo Deiros and Carlos Mraida authored Latina America en Llamas which is a critique of Pentecostalism in Latin America.

Dr. Charles Ringma from Australia is joining the faculty of Regent College, Canada, as Missions Professor.

A Pentecostalism Consultation by the North Carolina Council of Churches

Dr. Dan Woods on religious experiences of Pentecostal women from the Southeast during the first quarter of the 20th century.

Press Release for the May 11-15 World Alliance of Reformed Churches - Pentecostal Dialogue hosted by McCormick Theological Seminary.

The World Council of Churches released Consultation with Pentecostals in the America: San Jose, Costa Rica, 4-8 June 1996. For more information contact Philip Jenks.

The North American Renewal Service Committee (NARSC) announces that their next conference will be held in the year 2000. More details later.

Not to be missed is Ain't Gonna Lay My 'Logion Down: African American Religion in the South (Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 1996) edited by Alonzo Johnson and Paul Jersild.

An announcement about theological training by the Apostolic Faith Mission in South Africa from Dr. Mathew Clark.

The World Council of Churches will host the African Instituted Churches later this year in Kenya. This will be followed three months later by a global meeting with Pentecostals. Both meetings are the initiative of Huibert van Beek, Executive Sectetary of the Office of Church and Ecumenical Relations at the WCC office in Geneva.

The 18th Pentecostal World Conference will convene September 22-24, 1998 in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Yung-Chul Han announces a Theological Consultation that will be hosted by Dr. David Yonggi Cho. Contact Dr. Wonsuk Ma for additional information on the theological meeting.

The Association of Full Gospel Women sponsored a second Women With A Word for the Times Conference which ran April 10-12 in Newport News, Virginia. Speakers included Rev. Estrelda Alexander, Dr. Marti Kimbrell, Rev. Barbara Cavaness, and Dr. Mary Jackson.

PCCNA is scheduled to run October 1-3 in Washington, D.C. Host Pastor T.L. Lowrey announces that featured speakers will be Bishop Brooks, Bishop Barbara Amos, and Reinhard Bonnke.

SEAD (Scholarly Engagement with Anglican Doctrine) hosted its annual conference in January 1997. The keynote speaker was Dr. Brevard Childs who addressed issues on biblical authority.

Scarecrow Press of London, England, announces the commissioning of Dr. Harold D. Hunter to author a dictionary on Pentecostalism. The volume will be part of a series entitled "Historical Dictionaries of Religions, Philosophies, and Movements." It is expected that the dictionary will be ready for the North American Pentecostal centennial celebration in 2001 run by PWC, NARSC, PCCNA, and ICCOWE.