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PCTII Newsletter #4

August 1994

Dr. Yeow Cho-Lak, a Presbyterian Charismatic who has taught at
Trinity Theological College in Singapore and now heads up the
Association for Theological Education in South East Asia whose To
God be the Glory! [Trinity Theological College Publications,
1981] anticipated by over a decade the first volume of Renewal
Theology by J. Rodman Williams, is also an active member of the
WCC Faith & Order. In Jan, 1994 an ATESEA Occasional Paper #13
covered "Doing Theology with the Festivals and Customs of Asia." 
Also of interest are other creative ventures like the narrative
theology entitled Sunny Island which explores the plight of four
women of different races in Singapore who suffer oppression along
with Time for Action: Theological Education for Asia Today.
   The European Charismatic Consultation is contemplating an open
conference to be held in Prague during the third week of October,
1995. Attendance is aimed at 300-400. It is expected that the
theological stream will organize sessions at this meeting.
Contact Mr. Wim Shot at 5752-1192 [phone in the Netherlands] for
further developments.
   Word, Kingdom, and Spirit the name which reveals the group's
concept of three streams convened March 1-5, 1994 in Malaka,
Malaysia. A respectable showing was made by Protestant
Charismatics while Pentecostals were few in number.The issue of Transformation
current at the conference featured pentecostal perspectives on
social ethics.
   The third annual conference sponsored by the Association of
Pentecostal and Charismatic Bible Colleges of Australia
 PCBC will convene later this year. PCBC brings together Bible
Colleges and includes theology discussion papers. For more
information contact Dr. Barry Chant, 2-544-7145 fx.
   The Charismatic Fellowship of Asia will run a congress in
Manilla from November  16-19, 1994 in the Filipino International
Convention Center.  The Asia Charismatic Theological Association
is scheduled to hold session on the day prior to the general
congress hosted by the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries.
   Orlando '95, hosted by NARSC, includes special sessions for
scholars who gather July 26-29, 1995. Some of the  speakers are:
Dr. Yeow Cho-Lak, Steve Hayes, Dr. Alonzo Johnson, Dr. Samuel
Solivan, Dr. Cecil M. Robeck. There remain a few open slots.
Anyone who would who would like to participate, please contact
Dr. David Reed at Wycliffe College [416-979-0471 fax], Dr. Ralph
Del College at Barry University [305-899-3279 fax] and/or Dr.
Harold Hunter at the Church of God School of Theology [fax 615-339-9692].
Scholars are encouraged to stay at the Sheraton Hotel
where four persons pay $74 per night. Those registered for
Orlando '95 will receive a 30% discount on tickets purchased for
any of the four major properties owned by Disney in the area.
   EPTA held its most recent function in Portugal, July 26-30, at
the Assemblies of God Bible College.
   APTA was slated to convene in Seoul, Korea during the month of
   ICCOWE may go to India in January, 1995. ICCOWE will connect
with Orlando '95 and is planning a consultation in Eastern Europe
for 1997.
   The European Pentecostal & Charismatic Research Association
(EPCRA) has set July 10-14, 1995 for its meeting  to be held at
the Donald Gee Centre in Mattersey, England. Side trips are
planned for Maesteg, Loughor (Welsh revival), Penygroes
(Apostolic) and possibly Epworth (John Wesley's home). Further
details are available from Dr. Jean-Daniel Pluss, 411-821-9080
    The Italian Charismatic Consultation, the handiwork of Mr.
Matteo Calili and Pastor Giovanni Traettino, which brings
together Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, Waldensians, and Baptists
in annual conferences, has initiated an invigorating newsletter.
   The April, 1994 issue of Afroscope, the newsletter for the
Association of Evangelicals of Africa under the direction of Dr.
Tokunboh Adeyemo, tells of a massive evangelistic campaign known
as "Fianga for Christ" which encountered the cultural dilemma of
a wife needing permission from her spouse to accept Christ, of a
conference on sustainable land use, a pan-African conference on
AIDS. political drama in the Congo, prophecy to expose the West
to AEA, and a report on peace and justice work in Zambia and
Zaire. The July edition of Afroscope probes haunting questions
raised by Rwanda.
   Evangelical Review of Theology 18:1 (Jan 94) includes the WEF
response to BEM which lists Dr. Miroslav Volf as one of the
contributors. It is titled "Confessing the One Faith: An
Evangelical Response by W.E.F. Theological Task Force on
Ecumenical Issues," pp. 35-46.
   A first for Romanian Pentecostals is John F. Tipei's Graeca
Noulvi Testament (Oradea: Societatea Misionar  Misionar  RomÆn ,
   One World {Jan/Feb 94} has a report on the WCC & Evangelicals
in Latin America followed by an article on ecumenism written by
Dr. Cecil M. Robeck.
   Dr. Samuel Solivan participated in a bilingual conference
hosted this July by Loyola Marymouth University (USA) that
analyzed the departure of Latinos from the Roman Catholic
community. Basic to the conference was the commission study
entitled "Proselytism and Evangelization: An Exploratory Study"
prepared by CARA at Georgetown University. Both the 1994 and 1995
editions of the International Roman Catholic-Pentecostal
Dialogues are devoted to the issue of proselytism.
   Effective January 1994, Dr. Winston Elliott is Dean of Tung
Ling School of Theology and Missions in Singapore.
   SEAD's 5th annual conference was held April 7-9, 1994.
   The History of the Assemblies of God of Singapore: 1928-1992
by Fred G. Abeysekera released in 1992 by Abundant Press.
   Historical outlay and some penetrating personal pieces are
laid bare in Andrew Loh's Treasures of Darkness. The author lives
in Melaka, Malaysia.