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Schedule of Conferences

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February 19-20, GloPent, University of Amsterdam

March 4-6: Society for Pentecostal Studies, North Central University

June 2-6, Edinburgh 2010

August 24-26, Pentecostal World Conference, Stockholm, Sweden. A theological and educational conference will start prior to the PWC led by the WAPTE.

October 16-25, Lausanne III, Capetown, South Africa



January 11-15, "Receptive Ecumenism and Ecclesial Learning: Learning to Be Church Together," University of Durham, UK

February: 6-7, GloPent, University of Birmingham (UK)

March 26-28: Society for Pentecostal Studies, Eugene Bible College

August 12-15: EPCRA, Oxford Center for Mission Studies



February 1-2: GloPent, University of Heidelberg

March 13-15: Society for Pentecostal Studies, Duke University Divinity School

May 22-28, WARC-Pentecostal Dialogue, Edinburg

June 11-13: "Conversion and Time in Global Pentecostalism: a lifelong 'live' experience" at the University of Amsterdam. General information and registration is available here with additional information here. More detailed information is available at pentecost.religionresearch.org

October 18-19: Roman Catholic - Evangelical Dialogue, Minneapolis/St. Paul

October 17-19: "Politics of the Spirit: New Languages in a Culture of Empire," in Dallas, Texas sponsored by Pentecostals and Charismatics for Peace and Justice (formerly Pentecostal/Charismatic Peace Fellowship)

October 25: "The Many Faces of Pentecostalism: Implications of Globalization for North American Pentecostalism," hosted by McMaster Divinity College, Canada. A brochure is available here.

November 15-21, WCC - Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group, Finland

November: Lutheran-Pentecostal Dialogue


February 10: McMaster Divinity College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada hosted a Pentecostal Forum. Please see brochure (pdf) for program and related information. Contact Mr. Jeff Clarke for additional information.

March 8-10: Society for Pentecostal Studies.  The meeting was hosted by Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

April 27-28: GloPent annual conference at Free University of Amsterdam.

May 10-13: Annual EPTA conference at Warsaw, Poland.

May 19-26: WARC-Pentecostal Dialogue in Capetown, South Africa.

July 16-17: Pentecostal World Conference Theological Meeting. For more information, see the Asian Pentecostal Society web.

July 19-23: 50th anniversary of the NCCCUSA Faith & Order celebration to be held in Oberlin, OH.

September 12-15: EPCRA at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

October 11-13: NCCCUSA Faith and Order, Christian Theological Seminary, Indiana.

October 11-13: Roman Catholic - Evangelical Dialogue, St. Paul, Minnesota.

October 3-9: WCC - Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group, Baar, Switzerland



March 23-25. Society for Pentecostal Studies. Special emphasis on centennial of Azusa St. Revival led by Dr. David Daniels.

April 25-29. Updates are available about the Azusa St. Centennial. A theology stream will be led by Dr. Harold D. Hunter and Dr. Cecil M. Robeck. Confirmed speakers include Rev. Frank Chikane.

September 13-14. "Pentecostalism: A Century After, A Century Ahead" hosted by the Bible College of Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur.

October 5-7: "Spirit in the World: The Dynamics of Pentecostal Growth and Experience" is an international symposium hosted by the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California For more information go to their web at http://www.usc.edu/schools/college/crcc/pentecostalism/  or use the following contact info: crcc@usc.edu; 213-740-8562.



 January 17-20: The Mylapore Institute for Indigenous Studies, Chennai, India will be organising a conference entitled "Indian & Christian: The Life and Legacy of Pandita Ramabai". This will be held at the Union Biblical Seminary Pune, from the 17th - 20th Jan 2005. Information can also be found on http://www.ubs.ac.in/My%20Webs/CMS%20Web/index.htm The conference brochure is available as a pdf file.

March 10-12: Society for Pentecostal Studies, Regent University, School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, VA

The Harvard University Department of African and African American Studies, along with the Harvard Divinity School, is sponsoring "Into All the World: Black Pentecostalism and Global Contexts," Friday, March 18 in Cambridge, MA. Respected colleagues will be presenting, including: Dr. Amos Yong, Dr. David Daniels, Dr. Leslie Callahan and Professor Daniel Ramierez. Graduate students from COGIC, COG(TN), Vineyard, AICs, and others will be presenting. A student group and local pastors are sponsoring a separate service that evening where Bishop George McKinney, general board member of COGIC, will preach.
For more information, or to register and attend: www.hds.harvard.edu/news/pentecostal_conf/

March 29-April 2: Joint EPCRA / EPTA Conference, "Pentecostals, Power, and Empowerment," Rheinfelden, Germany



March 11-13: Society for Pentecostal Studies, Marquette University

July 26-30: European Pentecostal Theological Association, Regents Theological College

September 13. Just prior to the 20th conference by Pentecostal World Fellowship will be an international meeting of scholars hosted on September 13 by the Apostolic Faith Mission college near Johannesburg, South Africa. For more information, please contact Dr. Mathew Clark.


February 27-28, Symposium on "Non-Western Pentecostalism in the Netherlands: Diaspora and Conversion" and the inauguration of Dr. Cornelis van der Laan as Professor of Pentecostalism at the Free University of Amsterdam Contact: nzr@antenna.nl

March 20-22, Society for Pentecostal Studies, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky.  Joint meeting with Wesleyan Theological Society

National workshop on Christian Unity with feature pentecostal theme. Among the speakers at the May 12-15, 2003 conference are Drs. Robert Franklin, Cheryl Bridges Johns, David Daniels, Carmelo Alvarez and Anthea Butler.

May 16-22, WCC-Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group

May 26-28, "One Hundred Years of Psychology and Religion," Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. Contact  Dr. Peter H.M.P. Roelofsma

The 11th EPCRA conference will be held from July 16-19, 2003 at the Evangelical Theological University, Sofia, Bulgaria. Conference theme: "Salvation, the Holy Spirit and Theosis."



March 14-16, Society for Pentecostal Studies, Southeastern College, Lakeland, Florida

May 17-23, WARC-Pentecostal Dialogue, Amsterdam

July 23-27,  European Pentecostal Theological Association, Continental Theological Seminary, Brussels

August 19-20, Asian Pentecostal Society, Banglore, India with the theme "Pentecostal Spirituality in Asian Contexts"

October 18-20, Kairos 2002, "Europa rialzati!"

October 28-29, Japan Society for Pentecostal Studies

November 7-13, WCC-Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group, Korea

December 5-8, "The Future of Christianity in the West," University of Otago (NZ), Contact Nicola Richmond



Dr. David Ramirez, President of SEMISUD, announces that the first Latin American Educators Conference by FIEL (Fraternidad Internacional de Educadores Latinoamericanos) will be held March 6-9 at Seminario Ministerial Sudamericano (Ecuador). The event will seek to analyze Theological Education and the Mission of the Church in Latin American for the next ten years. The program is available in Spanish and English. Download the letter of invitation from Dr. Ramirez (Ms Word).

March 8-10, Society for Pentecostal Studies, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma 

April 18-20, European Pentecostal Theological Association, Bucharest, Romania

April 19-21, Public Influences of African-American Churches Project, Washington, D.C.

May 4: The Hispanic Churches in American Public Life (NCAPL) research project is a three-year study funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts. The project seeks to examine the impact of religion on political and civic engagement in the Latino community. Dr. Jesse Miranda, Alianza de Ministerios Evangélicos Nacionales (AMEN) and Dr. Virgilio Elizondo, Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) co-direct. For information on the first regional conference to be held May 4 at Vanguard University, contact Dr. Gastón Espinosa.

May 28 Third annual meeting of Asian Pentecostal Society and the 10th annual meeting of the Theological Conference on the Holy Spirit will sponsor A Conference for the Non-Western Pentecostal Movement in Anaheim, California. Partners in the event include Asian Theological Society, Bethesda University, International Theological Institute (Seoul, Korea), Korean Pentecostal Society, National Forum of Pentecostal Theologians (India), South African Pentecostal Forum, and Yoido Full Gospel Church (Seoul, Korea.) Contact Dr. Young-hoon Lee, Bethesda Christian University, for more information. Area coordinators are: Asia - Dr. PaulsonPulikottil; Latin America - Dr. Miguel Alvarez; Africa - Dr. Matthew Clark; At Large - Dr. Wonsuk Ma.

May 29-May 31, Pentecostal World Conference, Los Angeles, California.  Azusa St. Tours and a special track on pentecostal-charismatic history, both under the direction of Dr. Cecil M. Robeck, will help celebrate the pentecostal centennial. The PWC Theological Track will include a paper by Roger Stronstad on initial-evidence. Also, a special seminar for those involved in pentecostal and charismatic archives will be hosted by Angelus Temple in Los Angeles on May 29. Click here for occasional updates on the archives seminar. Registration for all of the above will be possible with the forthcoming PWC brochure and eventually online at the PWC web.

July 17-21, European Pentecostal Charismatic Research Association, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Leuven was chosen to commemorate the beginnings of EPCRA 20 years ago at "University Action." Prices for room and breakfast will be about 1200 Beglian Francs (1200 BFr, approx $30 US) per day at Pope's College. Rooms will also be available at the nearby Holiday Inn (4600 Bfr) and Ibis Hotel. The conference theme will be ethical studies in pentecostal/charismatic circles.

September 17-20, International Conference on Asian Pentecostalism, "The Significance of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements for Asian Christianity," at Fircroft College, Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham [UK]. Facilitators: Dr. Edmond Tang and Dr. Allan Anderson. Plenary speakers include: Walter Hollenweger, David Martin Hwa Yung, Wonsuk Ma, Michael Bergunder, Amos Yong and Simon Chan.



Febbraio 18-20, Consultazione Carismatica Italiana, 8th Ritiro per un Dialogo Fraterno, Bari, Italy

March 16-18, Society for Pentecostal Studies, Northwest College, Kirkland, Oregon

March 28-30, Penang, Malaysia, ICCOWE

May 19-26, WARC-Pentecostal Dialogue, Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 25-27, National Forum of Pentecostal Theologians, India, New Life Bible Center, Cheruvackal, Ayoor, Kerala about 40 miles from the Trivandrum International Airport. The theme is "The Pentecostal Witness in the Third Millennium." For more information, please contact Dr. T.P. Varghese.

June 22-25, Celebrate Jesus 2000, St. Louis, sponsored by the North American Renewal Service Committee (NARSC)

 July 18-20, Anglican Charismatic Theological Seminar (ACTS) on "Charismatic Theology in the Twenty-First Century." Contact Dr. John Witcombe or Rev. Mark Cartledge.

August 25, Asian Pentecostal Society, Manila. The theme is "Challenges and Opportunities for Asian Pentecostals." Contact Dr. Miguel Alvarez, President of Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries, for more information. 

August 23-27, ICCOWE and ECC (European Charismatic Consultation), Theological Stream and General Conference Prague 2000

CLADE IV, Quito, Ecuador

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